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Have you ever wondered why surfboards have conventionally been made with a pointed tip? ¬†Finding his arms again with 2 new screws in his shoulder and a few barrels under his belt. Start to Finish…Board by Bill Shrosbree – Surfer: Gary Strahle Photo: Tony Roberts…(Read More)

In early January 2012, Team Rider/Apprentice Shaper, Gary Strahle attempts one of surfing’s most radical new tricks, the “360 Backflip”. Surfing the beaches of Pupukea Hawaii, Gary was introducing a complimentary surf accessory to his equipment called SurfAir360, a paddle friendly strap system designed for progressive aerial surfing maneuvers. “Introducing the strap system…(Read More)

Bill Shrosbree


Bill Shrosbree began shaping surfboards in the 1960’s with labels like Greg Noll, Gordon & Smith, Bing, Con, and Velzy. As a young Surfer / Shaper, Shros developed innovative designs, some of which were ridden by legends like L.J. Richards. His most recognized design in those times was the “Shros Burger,” a shorter more…(Read More)