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For it’s time this board was as high performance as they come, featuring Five Fins, Down Rail, and Vee out the tail. To this day shapes like this are very fun especially in the summer time surf, going several inches shorter, increasing the volume in the rails, and gaining more width in surface area…(Read More)

Have you ever dreamed of owning a Balsa Wood surfboard? Bill Shrosbree’s history dates back with Dale Velzy and the many Balsa Wood Surfboards crafted in their time. Now is your chance to proudly own one of very limited Balsa Wood Surfboards made by Bill Shrosbree, Please contact us to make your order. This…(Read More)

February 29, 2012 – Bill Shrosbree is honored with his hand shaped commemorative surfboard at the California Surf Museum celebrating Hansen’s 50th Anniversary.  The surfboard was absolutely immaculate with a unique wedge stringer and beautiful pin-lines.  Custom boards like this are available!!!  Stringer’s and Glasswork are done by the best!  Contact Us now…(Read More)

Since Sacred Craft Surfboard Show October 8-9, 2011, memories of the first Sacred Craft Surfboard Show in 2007 came about in the photo archives. At that show, Fresh Pineapples sold the best boards some say they have ever had. This year we got to show off a vintage 5 Fin Shros, glassed at Moonlight…(Read More)

New Boards!


Surfboard Standard, a surfboard protection/authentication company, is working side by side with Fresh Pineapples Surfboards on their latest prototypes.  The company is aiming to help manufacturers manage their products from order to order.  Being the first surfboard manufacturer to utilize Surfboard Standard’s Seal of Certification has had it’s perks as Fresh Pineapples…(Read More)

The Pacific Beach Surf Shop – Custom Surfboard Event – took place last Saturday July 31, 2010.  Shapers from across San Diego County took stage to discuss Custom Surfboard Building.   Check out Fresh Pineapples, Head Shaper / Owner, Bill Shrosbree and Team Rider / Apprentice Shaper Gary Strahle Interviews…(Read More)

Fresh Pineapple’s Gary Strahle was featured in today’s broadcast of “Down the Line Surf Talk Radio.” Scott Bass and Jeff Baldwin interviewed Gary on the upcoming “Young Guns of Shaping Competition” at the 2010 Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Show. Listen Here…(Read More)