Breaking down the “Flex Series 2”


In early January 2012, Team Rider/Apprentice Shaper, Gary Strahle attempts one of surfing’s most radical new tricks, the “360 Backflip”. Surfing the beaches of Pupukea Hawaii, Gary was introducing a complimentary surf accessory to his equipment called SurfAir360, a paddle friendly strap system designed for progressive aerial surfing maneuvers. “Introducing the strap system to my surfing has been a whole new experience, getting your feet into the straps while dropping in can be a little bit tricky but once you are in it is time to fly… Just as snowboarders have used a strap binding system to reach the highest levels of athletic progression, we are doing the same to achieve such a level.” – Gary Strahle

This particular board has been designed with the previous concepts in mind, taking into consideration the flex patterns, durability, and feel needed to perform. The materials used to construct this board a far superior in comparison to the traditional polyester shortboard. As good practice we take these factors into consideration when building boards for those who seek such a level of performance to ensure you receive the best possible craft for your cutback!!! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you are the first to watch history unfold as we continue to develop boards for the most innovative maneuvers in surfing.

The practice continues… more photos, maneuvers, and movies on the way!!! Visit for more info!

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