Bill Shrosbree began shaping surfboards in the 1960′s with labels like Greg Noll, Gordon & Smith, Bing, Con, and Velzy. As a young Surfer / Shaper, Shros developed innovative designs, some of which were ridden by legends like L.J. Richards. His most recognized design in those times was the “Shros Burger,” a shorter more versatile surfboard. People went crazy over the boards and the design won various competitions. Stewart Surfboards provided Shros with years worth of work, before he migrated his shaping back to Encinitas where he became the head shaper of Joel Tudor Surfboards. He has been working with Tudor for the past several years and has most recently focused on developing High Quality Custom Surfboards under the Fresh Pineapples label. Shros has expanded his vision with Fresh Pineapples and is working hard towards creating new and unique surfboard designs, as well as a limited line of apparel. A total of 45 years of Surfboard Industry experience has provided Bill with the knowledge of retro and modern designs, which makes his highly respected work extremely valuable.

Surfer Magazine Interview (surfboard buyers guide 2011)

What’s your shaping philosophy?

Shaping is all about enjoying the hard work that goes into making a versatile, yet functional surfboard that suits the surfer and the waves being ridden. Everything from the design to materials and fins are critical when producing surfboards.

What led you to become a shaper?

Being a surfer and hanging out with guys from Windansea like Wayne Land and George Lanning helped my shaping career launch. Starting at Rick Surfboards in Hermosa Beach, building surfboards was challenging and fun!

Who is your biggest shaping influence?

Bing Copeland happened to come by the shop and see one of the first boards I shaped. He picked it up and said, “That’s a good looking board. Who shaped it?” I told him I had, and after receiving his feedback, I was really stoked. Other influences included G&S, Greg Noll, Velzy, Stewart, and others.

What do others consider your expertise?

Versatility. People ride the boards in all-around conditions. Everyone from Joel Tudor to Dale Dobson have picked up a Shros and ridden in waves around the world.

What do you consider your expertise?

Consistency. Forty-five years of shaping really close to design while maintaining a traditional and contemporary style.

What are your most popular models?

Shros Burger, Shros 2, High Performance Noserider Tri-Fin.

What makes your boards different?

Character, quality, custom features, design elements, and experience.

How does your location influence your shaping?

Growing up in Southern California (particularly near Windansea),being surrounded by really good surfers, and receiving design feedback from international surfers riding a variety of waves.

What advice would you give to customers to help them get the best board possible?

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What’s the biggest lesson learned in your shaping career?

Be open to all designs—from boards to fins—and know how to collaborate the best design elements along with the right materials to make the best board.

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