For over 45 years Fresh Pineapples has been crafting the finest quality surfboards. Carving shapes from wood, foam and fibers for some of the worlds best surfers. Our most classic design is the Butch VanArtsdalen of which has been known for big drops and long rides on the tip...


Carbon Fibers, Kevlar, Nylon, Epoxy, Polypropylene.... all the words associated with our Modern Age Surfboard Designs. We have been using these materials to make the most durable/highest performing surfboard, and the result have been barrels/backflips.


Our experimental series of surfboards have been brought to life from our wilds dreams and ideas, and suprisingly have given feedback and new ideas for the evolutions of our craft.


We can't have waves everyday.. That's why we needed our own custom skateboard to take us to and fro while everyone's yelling "ya bro!" The P-Cruiser skateboard gives you everything you love about a cruiser with the pop and feel of a modern skate deck.. end result you can ride it anywhere and have fun.


Styles for everyone, T's, Hat's, Collars, Embroideries, and Silk Screen Apparel..


We come from family of artists and here you will find lots of original and scenic, surf/cultural paintings, jewelry, as well as wall hangers... ;)